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If you wish to terminate your marriage, you need to know, in a divorce proceeding, the court will terminate the marriage and determine the rights and responsibilities of the divorcing parties regarding child custody, child visitation, child support and spousal support (alimony). The court will also redistribute marital assets.

Depending on where you reside and where your assets are, the division of property can be a remarkably simple or overly complex process. Disputes often arise during this phase of a divorce if the two parties disagree as to who should receive which assets or property.
We are experienced and reliable lawyers, we reduce your stress and help you make the best choices possible. We are problem solvers we are every skilled at negotiation and we possess a solid trial background. If both parties are open to alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, or mediation, is fundamental.

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What can we say when a father wants to see more their children and cant because a judge has said that you only can see your children every other weekend.

We will try our best for you to see you children more often, for joint custody, for YOU to have the same rights as the mother because you are as important as the mother. We have handled complex child custody issues, including multi-state and international child custody complex situations. We are a legal firm and we strongly support JOINT CUSTODY, the children have the RIGHTS to be with the mother the same as the father.

When a marriage ends, the most affected are usually the couple’s & children, for whom the break-up of their parents means not only a profound change in their family life, routines and habits, but also, on many occasions, the loss of habitual and frequent contact with one of them.

In this line, and in order to guarantee the legal principle of the best interests of the child that operates any procedural action within the Spanish legal system, the Supreme Court has established that shared custody is the regime that should be considered normal and desirable since it guarantees the right of the child to relate to both parents in the same way in order to ensure their self-development.


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