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Should you be a victim or have been accused of a crime, the thought of legal proceedings can be a stressful experience. This is made worse if you are in a foreign country and don’t speak the language fluently or don’t understand the procedure. Our multi-lingual lawyers and specialist advisers have many years of experience of handling complex litigation and can help you through the legal process.

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Once you bring us your case, whether you are acting as an individual or in behalf of your company, we go through it in depth, working fast to give you detailed information about the risks and how to solve it in the best terms for you and your interests, minimising any potential harm that may arise. You will be fully accompanied and duly informed through all the process and in permanent contact with our lawyers. We are proud of the personal care we offer because people are our purpose. As well as the main issues we shall explain in more detail below, we also are on hand to help with: Aggravated Assaults, European Arrest Warrants, Prison Law, Computer/IT Security, Burglary and Robbery, Bribery and Corruption.


Domestic Violence

Drink Driving And Traffic Offences

Sexual Offences

Drugs Charges

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Economic and socio-economic offences are slowly escalating in criminal statistics, becoming the most increasing ones in the past five years, being fraud (in all of its forms) arguably the most common. Spain, as safe as it is, is a growing market and a business platform where millions of money transactions are made on a daily basis.

The fact of not speaking the language and not being aware of the regulations and protocols sometimes may put a target in your back for certain people wanting to take advantage of it. When buying a house in Spain, opening a bank account, contracting a health insurance or whatever common transaction you need to perform with public or private entities, you need proper advice and get to know the legality of it to avoid overpayments, often disguised as “local manners” or habits. However, if you feel you can already be a victim of deception and someone has appropriated your money or goods, in Harvey Lawyers we understand how frustrating this situation can be, that is why we encourage you to contact urgently with specialised lawyers in order to protect your assets with precautionary measures if they are at the moment in other hands.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women are sadly the most commented types of offence in the media today. The constantly evolving regulation in Spain makes it a complex and a delicate subject to approach.

Primarily because of the women’s rights in this matter differ from men’s, as well as the establishment of specialized Courts for it, we are talking about two distinctive offences under different articles of the Spanish Criminal Code, which makes things even more confusing for the victim or the defendant, not knowing where their rights stand.

Since we are talking about offences that are tightly close to Family Law (divorce, child custody), in many cases the defendant or the victim is not properly informed on how this may affect the situation, sometimes severely increasing the penalty or giving more grounds for the Court to impose protective measures.

Our lawyers specialise in both Criminal and Family Law will work jointly in your case, providing full support and advising in order to fight for your rights, avoiding also putting children in the middle of the confrontation, in the cases when they get involved.

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Drink Driving And Traffic Offences

According to the Public Prosecution Office, drink driving and traffic offences are estimated to be nearly 65% of all the crimes committed every year. The alarming increasing statistics about drink driving offences in the past years have led to the tightening of regulations and controls in order to improve safety.

The permitted amount of ethylic alcohol for a driver today in Spain is quite low, and most of the times the regulation turns the proceeding into a quickly (and unpleasant) experience where you get devoid of your driving license and charged with a significant fine, in the best scenario.

But this type of offences may end worst and imply imprisonment in cases of recurrence, severe alcohol or drug abuse, driving without a license or having it taken away by the Court previously, reckless driving behaviour, and of course when there are casualties, just to name a few.

Being responsible while driving is the best way to stay safe in every aspect, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves and we get involved in an unwanted situation that even may end with detention and custody. This is the main reason we need to count on specialised lawyers you can rely on from the very first call.

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Sexual Offences

Certainly, this is one of the most complex types of crime that we can find, not only because of the legal implications that this type of procedure usually entails but also because of what it means for the person involved. This is further aggravated if you are in a foreign country and do not have a good knowledge of the language.

We, as a highly qualified team and with the security that experience brings in this type of procedure, understand this and will accompany you throughout the procedure as we are a multidisciplinary team in which you can count on legal advice, expert psychologists and private investigators, all in your language, adapting our work to your specific case and coordinating our efforts to obtain the best result for your interests.

Whether you are involved in an accusation of this type of crime, or are a victim and need the security that a multidisciplinary team offers, at Harvey Lawyers you will find the law firm that you need. We adapt to your needs and accompany you throughout the procedure, anticipating your needs and always looking out for your interests.

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Drugs Charges

The Spanish Criminal Code include as a drugs charge the following: production, elaboration, trafficking, commercialisation, transportation, promotion, possession (depending on the quantities), and in general any action favouring drug use. Instigation, abetting and attempt of these actions are considered criminal offences as well and usually get the same conviction sentences.

While the basic criminal definition is clear, in the practice we find plenty of details that may turn the offence into its aggravated form or even to a plain administrative sanction or fine, with no criminal responsibility involved.

This is why it is crucial to contact specialised lawyers in the matter to know your rights regarding potential detention or police searching in your property derived from drugs charges.


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