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If you are someone unfortunate enough to be involved in a marital dispute, contemplating a divorce and live in Spain, we have a wealth of information on this page and can further assist you should you want to move forward.

Areas involved in divorce proceedings

There's more than you would think.


International Divorce

Separation of assets

Issuing proceedings

Child Custody 

Registering your divorce

The uncertainty of a divorce or what the future holds for you or your children can be tough to think about. It can be an extremely stressful as well as an emotional time for all involved.

We are here to put your mind at ease with an explanation of the process and plans that are needed to get the resolution we desire. We are experienced and reliable lawyers, we reduce your stress and help you make the best choices possible.

Two options to choose

Separation or Divorce

There are two petitions you can request under Spanish Law, one for Separation or for Divorce. The petitions are very similar in practice however if your intentions are to remarry you can only do so after also processing the divorce petition. However, to process a divorce order you do not need the separation proceedings first.

With both these options, you have the ability to reach an agreement outside of the courts, being signed before a judge, or process the full agreement in the courts.

Divorcing in Spain

International Divorce

In the world we live in today, travelling and living abroad is becoming more and more popular. Thus the law has had to keep up with current trends and communication between countries is even better. When we have cross border issues where parties have assets in multiple countries, we need to divide these assets in an agreement where there is more than one jurisdiction involved. Our team are highly experienced in international dealings.

Spanish Assets

Properties solely in Spain?

If there are any jointly held assets in Spain, we can assist you with the transfer process and the change of ownership even if the divorce process is being pursued out of Spain. We can also provide you with legal assistance in enforcing freezing orders issued by foreign courts. If you and your spouse currently hold assets together within Spain, we can assist with the division or transfer of ownership of said properties even if the actual divorce proceedings are taking place outside of Spain. In turn, we also can provide advice and assistance when enforcing freezing orders issued by foreign courts.




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