Getting the best Divorce advice.

Going through a divorce can be hard, especially when you are in a new country. It is never easy letting go of someone you hoped to love and live with forever. The process can be frustrating and emotionally draining, more so when the other party does not understand. The divorce process might be particularly hectic when you are a foreigner in Spain. At Harvey Lawyers, we pride ourselves on having experienced and reliable divorce lawyers who will smoothen up the divorce process and get the best outcome.

You are not alone

Although divorce was only legalized in Spain in 1981, the number of couples seeking divorce is growing every day. There is a likelihood that over 60% of couples in Spain will get a divorce. Spain is second after Luxembourg in the world rankings when it comes to divorce rates. A new government bill introduced in 2007 made divorce easier and faster. The number of women leaving their traditional housekeeping roles is increasing. Infidelity, incompatibility, drug/alcohol addiction, and physical/mental abuse are major reasons that more couples seek a divorce.

Who can get a divorce in Spain?

Other than Spanish couples, marriages made up of Spanish and foreign nationals can start the divorce procedure. Two foreigners are also allowed to get divorced in Spain so long as one of them is a legal resident, notwithstanding whether they were married in Spain or not. If one of the couples seeking divorce goes back to their country, then the case will be handled by the court that first received the divorce demand.

What requirements must you meet?

The Spanish divorce law is no-fault, meaning that you don’t have to give any justification for getting divorced. You only need to have lived in Spain for six months before you request a divorce. Your marriage should also be at least three months old. One of the two of you should be a Spanish national or resident to qualify for the divorce procedure in Spain.

What is the timeline and cost of divorce in Spain?

Simple divorces that are uncontested and have no children involved only take 4-6 weeks. With children involved, your divorce will take longer. The cost of a divorce in Spain depends on its type, contested or uncontested, how long it takes and how complex it is.

We at Harvey Lawyers are here for you

At Harvey Lawyers we know that the divorce process can be stressful for you, especially if you are a foreigner in Spain. Let our highly experienced divorce lawyers handle all the stress for you and ensure that you get the best possible outcome. Please contact us today for this and more legal services in Spain.