The IMIE General and Large Markets statistics for May show that the evolution of the price of new and used housing in Spain recorded a slight boost within the trend of stabilisation that has been consolidated over the last few months, especially in large cities, capitals and metropolitan areas. The areas with the highest tourism component continue to lead the growth, although they show a slight moderation compared to previous months.

The monthly variation of the groups analysed was between +0.1% and +1.0%. The Mediterranean coast and the islands moderated their growth, although they continued to show significant monthly increases of 0.7% and 0.5%, respectively.

The interannual change in May was between 2% and 8%. The areas with the highest tourist component (Islands and coast) maintained the highest year-on-year variations (8 % and 6.5 %, respectively), although they moderated with respect to those recorded the previous month.

The average value of new and used housing in Spain is 17.8% below the peak of the 2007/2008 period. The island territories are close to the highs of the housing bubble era, being only 0.1% below the March 2008 benchmark.

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