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This law is composed of legal rules that articulate both personal relationships (marriage, child custody, inheritance, divorce …) and property relations ( purchasing, rental, debts …), that is, that affect the intimate and private sphere of personal relationships, with special relevance to the facts and events that may occur based on them.
It should be mentioned that these personal and patrimonial relations have substantial variations according to the country that regulates them, implying also a major difficulty if you do not speak the language fluently. Our multilingual lawyers, with wide experience, are specialists in this area and will help you during all these legal processes.

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Specialist lawyers in Moraira assisting you in Divorce proceedings.

If you wish to terminate your marriage, you need to know, in a divorce proceeding, the court will terminate the marriage and determine the rights and responsibilities of the divorcing parties regarding child custody, child visitation, child support and spousal support (alimony). The court will also redistribute marital assets.

Depending on where you reside and where your assets are, the division of property can be a remarkably simple or overly complex process. Disputes often arise during this phase of a divorce if the two parties disagree as to who should receive which assets or property.
We are experienced and reliable lawyers, we reduce your stress and help you make the best choices possible. We are problem solvers we are every skilled at negotiation and we possess a solid trial background. If both parties are open to alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, or mediation, is fundamental. See more on our page dedicated to divorce law.

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Child Custody: How our Lawyers can Help.

What can we say when a father wants to see more their children and cant because a judge has said that you only can see your children every other weekend.

We will try our best for you to see you children more often, for joint custody, for YOU to have the same rights as the mother because you are as important as the mother. We have handled complex child custody issues, including multi-state and international child custody complex situations. We are a legal firm and we strongly support JOINT CUSTODY, the children have the RIGHTS to be with the mother the same as the father.

When a marriage ends, the most affected are usually the couple’s & children, for whom the break-up of their parents means not only a profound change in their family life, routines and habits, but also, on many occasions, the loss of habitual and frequent contact with one of them.

In this line, and in order to guarantee the legal principle of the best interests of the child that operates any procedural action within the Spanish legal system, the Supreme Court has established that shared custody is the regime that should be considered normal and desirable since it guarantees the right of the child to relate to both parents in the same way in order to ensure their self-development.

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Conveyancing: Buying or Selling a property in Moraira?

Buy property without a lawyer?

Of course, however, once you get involved in the process, you will realise there is a huge number of negotiations, transactions and promises to deal with.

What do we do?

Our duty is to prepare all the legal documents needed during the transaction. Whether you are buying or selling property, a conveyance will make sure all the necessary documents are included in the final contract. This protects both the buyer and the seller from potential future conflicts. We meet all the disclosure obligations accordingly.

Why Harvey Lawyers?

Why Harvey Lawyers and Associates, because we navigate the process smoothly and successfully ensuring your rights are protected.  To know more please see our Property Lawyers page.

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Wills and acceptance of inheritance

If you own property in Moraira, Spain or any other assets in the country, such as money in Spanish bank accounts, it is highly recommended that you make a Will. The most compelling reason to make a Spanish Will is that it will greatly ease the administration of your estate upon your death. In order for your Spanish will to be valid, it will need to be signed before a Notary, it will be recorded at the General Registry of Last Wills in Madrid. The original Will stays at the Notary’s office and you will also receive a copy. Upon your death, anyone you have mentioned in your Spanish will can obtain a copy of the will, by first obtaining a certificate of last will from the General Registry of Last Wills and then applying to the corresponding Notary’s office for a certified copy of the original document.

In order to establish whether a Will was made in (Moraira) Spain, a search must be made of the Spanish register of last Wills. The Spanish civil registry will issue a document called a “Certificate of Last Will” which provides confirmation of the date of the last Spanish will to be signed by the deceased and details of the Notary before whom it was signed. In the event that you are named in the will you will be able to apply to a Notary for a copy of that document. Once it has been established who is entitled to sign the documentation, the process of administering the estate in Moraira begins. We will then commence obtaining certificates in respect of the balance of funds held by Spanish banks and will do a valuation of any property in Moraira owned by the deceased. When the taxes have been calculated and all powers of attorney have been signed, the acceptance of inheritance can be signed. This is similar to obtaining Probate in the UK. A document is prepared in which all of the assets of the estate in Moraira are set out, together with a copy of the will and any other necessary supporting documentation. This document is then signed in the presence of a Notary in Spain. Once the acceptance of inheritance documentation has been signed the inheritance tax has to be paid we can ask the banks to release funds. Sale the property.


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