Regularising or legalising your home.

Legalisation is not the same as regularisation of a property. Regularisation consists in registering in the cadastre and in the land registry.

Legalising a house on rural land: In the Valencian Community, because of the approval of the LOTUP (Legislative Decree 1/2021, of 18 June, Law on Territorial, Urban and Landscape Planning), the possibility of legalising constructions on rural land on plots of less than one hectare has been opened.

This law regulates, in its articles 228-231, the Procedure for Minimising Territorial or Environmental Impact, which makes it possible to include the dwelling in the legal regime after the necessary adaptation works have been carried out.

In both cases, it is always important to arrange the legal situation of our home, house or villa, as this way we will not have problems if we want to put it up for sale or rent, obtain the certificate of habitability, obtain a mortgage, be able to leave it in inheritance, apply for a municipal building permit to extend the house or remodel a villa, register it in the cadastre, carry out and legalize an activity in the house, to register it in the tourist rental register, and even to proceed with the family grouping.

At Harvey Lawyers, we must first consult the autonomous community regulations and the municipal urban planning and in general terms. Then we will study the specifics of your case and we guarantee you peace of mind in the process by offering you all our experience to carry out all the necessary administrative and legal procedures.