Specialists in obtaining the Golden Visa

This is a very attractive opportunity to invest in Spain for foreigners or citizens of a non-EU state. It is a process whereby a residence visa is granted if you are looking to make a significant investment in the Spanish economy.

¿What investments can be made?

  • A real estate investment of more than €500,000 in one or more properties.
  • An investment in business plans. There is no minimum investment, but the value lies in the creation of new jobs, socio-economic impact on local development or technological or scientific innovation..
  • Investments in financial products; public debt (2 million euros), shares in Spanish companies with capital (1 million euros), investment funds, closed-end funds or venture capital funds established in Spain (1 million euros), bank deposits in financial institutions in Spain (1 million euros).

It should be noted that these investments are currently accepted, but it is expected that the minimum investment required could be raised in the future.

At Harvey Lawyers, we can help you find the best option for you and enjoy the benefits of obtaining the Golden Visa for you and your family.